Prospective Graduates

What we’re looking for:

The Department of Anthropology at Penn State is the top-ranked anthropology graduate program in the U.S., according to the National Research Council, so we are able to be quite selective. Here are some qualities we’re looking for:

  • The usual: good grades and strong recommendation letters
  • A good fit. Are your research interests well-suited to our lab and department? Are we well-equipped to help you achieve your research and career goals?
  • Commitment to a research career. Our mission is to prepare students for successful careers as researchers (and we’re good at it!). But graduate school can be arduous, and the people who succeed and land top jobs are not only bright—they are also hard-working, focused, and driven. These qualities can show in your Statement of Purpose, GPA, and letters of recommendation. They can also show in your research experience working in labs and the like.

Other questions:

  • About the Puts Lab: Email
  • About the Penn State Department of Anthropology PhD Program: Email