Video and Television

The Dissenterinterview on the neuroendocrine and evolutionary bases of human sexuality and sex differences with Ricardo Lopes, 15 October, 2019. 

Educational Broadcasting System (Korea), “Humanity: A Branch of Life”. Multipart documentary on aspects of human nature and brain development. Interview on 16 August, 2019.

BBC Channel 4 (UK), “Your face says it all”. Three-part documentary on the biology and evolution of the human face. First aired 18 October, 25 October, and 1 November, 2016.

American Enterprise Institute, The Factual Feminist, “Title IX and the scorched earth campaign against men’s sports”. Published on 23 June 2014. YouTube video of Time Magazine article covering research on sex differences in interest in competitive sports.
Asahi Broadcast Corporation (Japan), “Wonderful Report” interview on 28 February 2012 about voice research, first aired May 30, 2012.

National Geographic Channel, interview on 20 November 2011 as part of documentary on human sexuality, currently unaired.

Discovery Channel, interview on 19 November 2010 as part of documentary “Why is sex fun?”, first aired 21 August 2011.

ABC News, “Good Morning America” interview on 31 January 2008 about voice research, currently unaired.