Kevin Rosenfield


  1. 2014-15 - University of Roehampton - Masters of Research in Primatology
  2. 2009-11 - Rutgers University - Bachelors of Science in Evolutionary Anthropology


My dissertation research utilizes agent-based modeling simulations to test hypotheses about the evolution of behavioral and morphological (physical) traits in animals, particularly non-human primates. For my purposes, the "agents" in agent-based models represent individual animals, or, in some cases, groups of animals. These models simulate agents' behavior and interactions with each other  and with their environment. My  agent-based models are usually spatially-explicit, meaning that animals do not simply represent data points with variables attached; they reside in particular locations within their environment, and those locations constrain their behavior. For example, two simulated animals that are ten miles apart cannot compete for access to the same food source. By modeling behavior in this way, we are able to more realistically represent animal behavior as it relates to the environment.

Dissertation Chair(s):

David Puts