Toe Aung

Toe Aung


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Toe is a Ph.D. candidate currently studying sexual selection in human voice pitch. In particular, he is interested in 1) what role voice pitch plays in social perceptions relating to mating competition across societies and 2) what information voice pitch provides about the speaker. His general research interests lie in evolutionary and cross-cultural psychology. Because of his passion for teaching and research, Toe aspires to become a professor and author his own books one day. In 2019, he received his master’s degree in anthropology from Penn State. Prior to entering the Ph.D. program, Toe obtained his bachelor’s degree in psychobiology from Albright College in 2017. Toe was born in Myanmar (formerly Burma) and came to the U.S. after winning his Green Card lottery program in 2013. Outside of research and teaching, Toe enjoys spending his free time with his wife, taking his two dogs to the park, and playing Scrabble.