Publications by Date

Reprints of papers authored by current and former lab members (names in bold) are available below as PDFs. By clicking on the links you are considered to be requesting a single copy for personal use.


Shirazi, T. N., Rosenfield, K. A., Cárdenas, R. A., Breedlove, S. M., & Puts, D. A. (2020). No evidence that hormonal contraceptive use or circulating sex steroids predict complex emotion recognition. Hormones and Behavior119, 104647.

Rosenfield, K. A., Sorokowska, A., Sorokowski, P., & Puts, D. A. (2020). Sexual selection for low male voice pitch among Amazonian forager-horticulturistsEvolution and Human Behavior41, 3-11.

Shirazi, T. N., Self, H., Cantor, J., Dawood, K., Cárdenas, R., Rosenfield, K. A.Ortiz, T., Carré, J., McDaniel, M. A., Blanchard, R., Balasubramanian, R., Delaney, A., Crowley, W., Breedlove, S. M., & Puts, D. A. (2020). Timing of peripubertal steroid exposure predicts visuospatial cognition in men: Evidence from three samples. Hormones and Behavior, 121, 104712.

Aung, T., & Puts, D. A. (2020). Voice pitch: A window into the communication of social power. Current Opinion in Psychology, 33, 154-161.


Sorokowski, P., Puts, D.A., Johnson, J., Żółkiewicz O., Oleszkiewicz, A., Sorokowska, A., Kowal, M., Borkowska, B., and Pisanski K. (2019). Voice of authority: Professionals lower their vocal frequencies when giving expert advice. Journal of non-verbal behavior. 43(2): 257-269. PDF

Schild, C., Feinberg, D.R., Puts, D.A., Jünger. J., Fasolt, V., Holzleitner, I., O’Shea, K., Lai, R., Arslan, R., Hahn, A., Cárdenas, R., DeBruine, L.M., Jones, B.C. (2019). Are attractive female voices really best characterized by feminine fundamental and formant frequencies? Evolution and Human Behavior. PDF

Aung, T., Hughes, S. M, Hone, L. S. E., & Puts, D. A. Operational sex ratio predicts binge drinking across United States counties. Evolutionary Psychology, 17(3).

Shirazi, T.N., Jones, B.C., Roney, J.R., DeBruine, L.M., and Puts, D.A. (2019). Conception risk affects in-pair and extrapair desire similarly: A comment on Shimoda et al. Behavioral Ecology. 30(4): e6-e7. PDF

White, J.D., and Puts, D.A. (2019). Genes influence facial attractiveness through intricate biological relationships. PLoS genetics. 15(4): e1008030. PDF

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Jünger, J., Motta-Mena N.V., Cardenas, R., Bailey, D., Rosenfield, K.A., Schild, C., Penke, L. and Puts, D.A. (2018). Do women’s preferences for masculine voices shift across the ovulatory cycle? Hormones and Behavior. 106: 122-134. PDF

Rosenfield, K.A., Dawood, K., & Puts, D.A. (2018). Organizational effects of hormones on sexual orientation. Organizational effects of hormones on sexual orientation.  In Schultheiss, O. & Mehta, P. (Eds.). Routledge International Handbook of Social Neuroendocrinology (pp. 256-280). London: Routledge.

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Puts, D.A., and Motta-Mena, N.V. (2018). Is human brain masculinization estrogen receptor-mediated? Reply to Luoto and Rantala. Hormones and Behavior. 97:3-4. PDF

Puts, D.A., and Aung, T. (2018). Does men’s voice pitch signal formidability? A reply to Feinberg et al. Trends in Ecology & Evolution. 34(3):189-190. PDF

Rosinger, A.Y. and Puts, D.A. (2018). It’s complicated: Why raters’ BMI poorly explained attractiveness ratings. Obesity. 26(3): 461-462. PDF

Shirazi, T.N.Puts, D.A., and Escasa-Dorne, M. (2018). Filipino women’s preferences for male vocal timbre: Intra-individual, life history, and hormonal predictors. Adaptive Human Behavior and PhysiologyPDF

Shirazi, T.N., Bossio, J.A., Puts, D.A., and Chivers, M.L. (2018). Menstrual cycle phase predicts women's hormonal responses to sexual stimuli. Hormones and Behavior. 103:45-53. PDF